Curbside Questionnaire & Appointment Check-In:

Welcome to the Best Friends Pet Clinic's Covid-19 Curbside Questionnaire. This is to be used to check-in upon arrival at our clinic for your pet's scheduled appointment while we are curbside due to Covid-19. Our intention in creating an online check-in process is to make the check-in process during this time more streamlined and efficient for our clients and staff members. We appreciate you all's continued patience with us during this time. If you need any help checking in for your pet's appointment, please do not hesitate to call inside of the clinic at 479-782-8113. Otherwise, once this form is completed and submitted you are officially checked-in, and no call is needed inside to the clinic to notify us. A technician will be with you as quickly as possible.

What is the BEST phone number to call or text you while we are seeing your pet?

What vehicle are you driving (year, make, model, and color) AND what slot number are you pulled-up in (numbered on the building wall)?

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with Covid-19?

Are you having any symptoms consistent with Covid-19? (Your pet may be able to contract Covid-19 from close contact.)

Is your pet exhibiting: More than normal coughing, More than normal sneezing, Not eating, or None of the above?

What is the purpose of your visit today? Please list ALL symptoms and concerns. Does your pet need any other service today? PLEASE LIST BELOW (ex: nail trim, ear cleaning, vaccinations)

What brand of food do you feed your pet? / How much people food and what kind does your pet eat? (Please include any accidental scraps eating.) / Does your pet drink well water, city water, filtered water, or bottled water?

Is your pet on a heartworm preventive? / Is your pet on a flea/tick control product? Please share which preventatives your pet is currently on.

Thank you for checking-in. A technician will be with you as quickly as possible.