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Deluxe Baths

Pamper your dog with a luxury deluxe bath. Our deluxe bath for dogs includes the bath itself, an ear cleaning, a nail trim, the anal-glands expressed, and a good brush-out.


We do not currently offer grooming services except complete shave down and sanitary clips. Sanitary clips are an easy way to keep your dog clean without having a full grooming service completed. Bodily wastes deposited on your dog's back-end fur can pose sanitary risks to your pet, family, and home. Everywhere your dog goes, it can leave these substances on the floor, your couch, your bed, where your children play, and so-forth. Pet feces contain a variety of risky concerns, and one of the biggest problems with improperly groomed pets are fecal mats. Urine, which can cling to long hair, with extended exposure can cause skin issues for your dog. The fur can also leave the scent of urine anywhere your dog comes into contact such as carpets, furniture, and bedding.

Our deluxe bath services are not offered for cats at this time.

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